Website of the Month: Blair Lauren Brown
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For Blair Lauren Brown, jewelry making is more than just a passion, it's part of her family's legacy. As a fourth-generation Alaskan artisan, Brown is proud to keep up the traditions of her family, including sourcing her gold from the same mines that her family has used for decades. But as a talented and creative artist in her own right, she's also bringing fresh perspectives to her design work and making sure that every piece she creates has its own unique story.

Brown isn't just telling stories through her jewelry. Using Weebly, she has built a beautiful and professional website that allows her to share her unique creations with the world. Here are some insights into how Blair Lauren Brown has leveraged Weebly to promote her one-of-a-kind business.

Focus on What You Do Best For many entrepreneurs, web development and design aren't a part of their skill set. But since you can't run a modern business without a website, their options are to either pay a website designer or build one themselves. The former can be costly and the latter often takes too much time away from the things they actually enjoy to do. That's where services like Weebly can provide value. One of the things that Brown wanted in a website was simplicity. As she explains, "I chose Weebly because I needed a simple drag and drop platform that would allow me as much space and time to do what I do best, which is make jewelry." Another advantage of using Weebly is how the website can scale with your business. Brown initially used the site just to showcase her designs, but as Weebly's features become more advanced, it was easy for her to transition into eCommerce. "My business grew with it," she says, "which was really nice because I could adopt all those new additions into a style that I could manage."

Everyone knows the saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words," but that's especially true for jewelry design. If you're selecting something as important and intimate as a ring, it's important to know exactly what you're getting. In the early days of her business, Brown struggled to find the right photos to sell her designs. Without a solid mobile solution for managing your website, you risk missing sales, creating bad customer experiences and tarnishing your brand. Fortunately, the mobile app covers everything you need.